Why brands should shift to customized e-commerce marketing solutions

Anshuk K Aggarwal

When it comes to customer attitudes toward shopping, the digital revolution has caused an unusual cultural shift – one that is constantly evolving. Consumers nowadays are better informed, have more options, and are exposed to personalized experiences, leaving brands racing to alter their strategies and ensure customer satisfaction.

That said, brands have realized that customized eCommerce marketing is critical to their survival and growth in the current market scenario. It aids the brand in establishing a distinct image, which leads to customer engagement, repeat purchases, and increased sales.

The need for customized marketing solutions

The Covid 19 pandemic has led retail brands to go online. And with more and more businesses joining the trend, performance marketing has become increasingly competitive. Moreover, the cost of ads on platforms like Facebook and Google has steadily increased over the last 24 months as well. As a consequence, having deep knowledge of ad platforms has become the need of the hour to compete in the market and deliver superior results.

However, not all brands are able to build this expertize in-house. On the contrary, marketing platforms usually have this knowledge built into the platform, allowing anyone with limited knowledge of FB, Google to use the platform and deliver efficient performance. Clearly, this reduces the time to market for brands and also reduces the upfront investment in building a strong performance marketing team in-house.

How do performance marketing solutions work in favor of eCommerce brands?

Often, brands have 100s of products to display on the website. Performance marketing is known to work best when “products” are marketed in ads and potential customers are directed to a specific product page. This is viz-a-viz brand’s ads where traffic is directed to the homepage, hence diverting them from making the desired purchases. The challenge comes in […]

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