Mobile Monday: UA During Game Time, Ecommerce to Mcommerce, and Apps Embrace the Metaverse

Mobile Monday

Every week, Digital Turbine, AdColony, and Fyber are teaming up to give you the latest news and insights in the mobile world. In this edition of Mobile Monday, Digital Turbine explores mobile advertising strategies during the Big Game, AdColony discusses ecommerce trends for 2022, and Fyber explains how brands and apps are focusing on the metaverse. Learn all about these stories in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Big Game Hunting… For New Users!

Super Bowl week has always been big for football and advertisers, and this week promises to be no different. While Joe Burrow and Matt Stafford will be hunting for big gains on the field, mobile advertisers also should be looking for big gains in their user count. Buzz for brands will be off the charts! While hilarious ads will capture attention on the big screen, mobile advertisers need to find ways to get users to act on what they see on TV by downloading and using an app on their phone. The key is to get users to recall that buzz when they are on the phone – whether it’s before, during, or after the action.

And even if your brand is sitting on the sideline during the game (meaning, unable to buy an expensive TV ad slot), AdvertisingWeek360 has a few great ways to help you get your app into the endzone of user growth around the Big Game:

> App Store Optimization : Bigger buzz means more searches. Capitalize off the increase in activity by enhancing your store page to match what people are looking for.

Contextual Advertising: How does Super Bowl content best fit your brand? Food delivery apps might target stories about Super Bowl grub, while streaming music might find content about the half-time show. Place your ad around the places people […]

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