5G, Metaverse Open Opportunities for eCommerce Merchants

Think back a few decades, to the days when consumers were tethered to couches and cable boxes.

The days when infomercials roamed the earth. George Foreman Grills and Ginsu knives were ubiquitous.

Advertising was a one-way experience — retailers hawked their goods and services the consumers’ way, with no real interaction, perhaps also sending along a catalog in the mail (remember paper mail?).

5G can help merchants drive business by allowing them to tell their stories in contexts that extend well beyond the flat pages of magazines and catalogs — or even the flatscreens of the laptop or mobile phone.

Adam Coyle , CEO at Digital River , which enables transactions for global brands, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that in the age of digital commerce, we’re leaving the infomercials in the rear-view mirror and headed firmly into the age of virtual reality. eCommerce sites are striving to incorporate 3-D images into their catalogs and push new functions to be delivered to the consumers’ devices.

Or, as he put it: “A picture is worth 1,000 words. But a video is worth 10,000 words.”

To that end, as we all get used to transacting and interacting on phones, with goggles, even using our cars as connected devices, some of the lines between everyday life and everyday commerce are blurring.

Underpinning it all is the continued shift to 5G, the standard for broadband cellular networks, which is moving the needle, significantly, on what our devices can do.Coyle told Webster that embedding videos, graphics, data and chats into the brand experience is a function of bandwidth.“We’re finally at the point where the technology and the infrastructure can deliver those types of hybrid experiences,” where commerce can be all around us, he said, tied to livestream shopping, augmented reality and virtual storefronts. Now, he said, the new capabilities should be […]

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