January 2022 Passive Income - Setting New Records


There are some stocks out there at better prices than at the start of the month.

I think the oil and gas space will continue to have another great year.

On the financial front, this is the first month ever of bringing in over $1,000 a month in dividends and $2,000 a month in passive income.

designer491/iStock via Getty Images What a start of the year eh?

Markets going up down, up down, up down. There are some stocks out there at better prices than at the start of the month for sure. Is it worth dipping into tech at the moment or will it fall more? Microsoft ( MSFT ) and Texas Instruments ( TXN ) posted some great results.

All we can do is stick to the plan and continue building our dividend income portfolio monthly. The proof is in the pudding, this report set 2 new records. Let’s Go.

Alright, Let’s Get To Our January 2022 Passive Income Raises or Cuts Canadian Utilities ( OTCPK:CDUAF ) came through with a tiny 1% raise. This now brings them to king status. Canada’s first king. This raise adds $3.83 to our forward income. CNR shocked us with a monster 19.1% raise. This was way more than I was expecting, so definitely made our day. This raise adds $45.12 to their forward dividend income. Total Added Income from Dividend Raises in 2022 – $48.95 After getting that tiny raise from Canadian Utilities once again, I decided to sell off our position. The plan is to move it into Fortis ( FTS ) and I was planning on doing it last week once the Bank of Canada raised its interest rates. They didn’t… I’ll be buying Fortis before its ex-dividend date with some more new capital as well.CNR proved why […]

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