Earn Long-term, Passive Income From This Side Hustle I Accidentally Found

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash It almost sounds too good to be true. A side hustle that can earn you passive, long-term income. As I’m not a fan of clickbait titles, I have found such a side hustle.

Maybe I’m late to the party — or just stupid — but this side hustle was right in front of me for a long time.

It’s probably right in front of you too, in some capacity at least.

This side hustle platform is hosted on a website that more than 197 million people around the world visit each month : Amazon.com.

Have I finally sparked your interest? No?

What about if I said anyone with a voice can do this side hustle? That’s right, if you can read aloud then you can earn long-term, passive income with this one side hustle.

Figured it out yet?

If not, let me explain what it is and why I won’t be participating. Amazon ACX Amazon ACX is Amazon’s audiobook platform. It’s how many narrators and authors connect to produce audiobooks on — and off — of Amazon.So, if you haven’t figured it out already, the side hustle I’ve been alluding to is narrating an audiobook. ACX makes it easy to sign up and start applying to narrate audiobooks.I stumbled upon this side hustle by starting production on an audiobook for my side hustle book . As an author, I never realized you could narrate e-books and get paid in one of two ways: Splitting the royalties (which is considered long-term, passive income) Getting a lump some of money Some I’m a pour indie author, I didn’t have a thousand dollars to drop on an audiobook that likely won’t sell at all. So naturally, I took the route where I split my royalties with the producer/narrater. Why I won’t be participating […]

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