I recently started a side blog that brought in more than $200,000 in passive income last year — here's how

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Morgan Overholt is a freelance graphic designer who decided to start a blog in 2020.

Overholt, her sister, and her husband began work on The Smokies every Sunday for 12 hours.

They leaned on Facebook ads and low-competition keywords to get to six figures in revenue.

If you’d told me in a pre-pandemic world that I’d be pivoting my lucrative freelance business to take up professional blogging, I would’ve thought you were crazy.

In 2017, I quit my full-time salaried job to become a full-time freelance graphic designer. At the time, I was feeling creatively and professionally stifled. For three years, freelancing gave me the financial and personal freedom I’d desired for so long.

Then the pandemic hit. I was one of the lucky ones

My freelance business was barely impacted, but my mental health was waning.I was living in the middle of a crowded city when the lockdowns began. With nothing to do, I spent most of my time scrolling through images on my phone of my pre-pandemic life, wondering how I’d ever taken so many small moments like traveling or going to dinner or a movie theater for granted.I began to daydream about a post-pandemic world where I’d not only take the time to appreciate little moments that I’d once taken for granted but I’d also have a lot more of them. I’d purchased the domain name TheSmokies.com a couple of years prior because it felt like a good investment at the time I’d assumed I’d do something with it “one day.” April 1, 2020, ended up being that day.I convinced my sister, a writer and graphic designer, and my husband, a software developer and data analyst, to formally […]

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