Podcast Advertising Basics for Ecommerce Brands

Selective podcast advertising combines the power of influence and brand recognition. It can help ecommerce companies, including direct-to-consumer merchants, create demand for new products or the brand itself.

Brands such as Athletic Greens, Four Sigmatic, Helix Sleep, and Magic Spoon are examples of emerging DTC and consumer brands that are regular podcast advertisers in 2022.

These companies and myriad others have learned that podcast advertising is a form of influencer marketing since many shoppers interpret these ads as an endorsement from a favorite host. Not Programmatic

I’m not referring to programmatic ads that place commercials on podcasts automatically but, instead, host-read spots that connect the advertiser to the podcast.

The ads these brands are using are called curated or selected placement — meant to promote the brand’s products thoughtfully.

This influencer-like approach to podcast advertising is a form of contextual placement and can generate better results than programmatic ads. Contextual

Contextual targeting has long been a staple of the advertising industry. It is based on a tried and true concept: Place your ad next to relevant content.

For example, Athletic Greens places ads on “The Tim Ferriss Show” podcast. Tim Ferriss is the author of books like “The 4-Hour Work Week” and “The 4-Hour Body.”While the podcast’s subject matter differs from one episode to the next, the audience is generally interested in self-improvement and personal achievement. So contextually, the podcast is a match for Athletic Greens’ nutritional products. “The Tim Ferris Show” generally focuses on self-improvement, a good advertising match for Athletic Greens, which sells nutritional products. Placement Quality podcast advertising is typically purchased at a flat rate or cost-per-thousand (CPM) downloads.In the former, the sponsor pays an agreed-upon rate when placing the advertisement. The rate is often based on the average number of downloads per episode.For the advertiser, a flat rate offers the […]

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