SharePoint Scheduling App – The Ultimate Ecommerce Calendar Planner

Source: Ecommerce is becoming a routine buying habit as consumer preferences change. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the online buying of goods, and this has resulted in the establishment of many online retail shops. But online B2B enterprises have been around for years because businesses and organizations often buy wholesale products overseas.

Consumers may not understand the details of how ecommerce companies facilitate their operations because all they want is to buy conveniently. Behind the scenes, merchants and entrepreneurs have to use sophisticated technology in the form of ecommerce platforms, integrated apps, and other innovations to successfully conduct business.

For now, we will talk about the SharePoint scheduling app, which is a Microsoft 365 calendar feature to help employees book appointments, schedule tasks, and plan and manage everything for the team. Just so you know, popular ASP.NET ecommerce platforms such as VirtoSoftware come with customized SharePoint calendar integration, so you do not have to get it elsewhere.

That said, let’s focus on how this SharePoint scheduling app works and why it is the ultimate ecommerce calendar planner that you need. How to Create a SharePoint Scheduling App

The SharePoint scheduling app will be customized depending on your Microsoft 365 calendar integration. However, the first step will always be to create a calendar in SharePoint so that users can access the scheduled events. From here, different users can sync schedules that require their action with other apps such as the company schedule and team event apps. Create a SharePoint calendar – It is easy to create a SharePoint online calendar on a public site so that all your employees can access it. In this case, you can do it on your ASP.NET ecommerce platform or any other site. So, on the SharePoint platform, click the new app option. An on-premises SharePoint might […]

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