Four Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Search

Most companies spend a double-digit percentage of their total revenues on marketing activities, including search, to drive traffic to their sites. Still, research has shown that 61% of ecommerce sites perform below average for internal site search.

Most professionals know that at the heart of successful search are two things: good queries, with shoppers knowing what they want and using the right keywords, and good indexed data, i.e., making the correct data available for shoppers to find. But there are other ways merchants can optimize the search challenges they face in order to attract and keep shoppers and maximize revenue. After months of supply chain snafus and the constant demand for instant sales satisfaction, merchandisers are using technology to move products forward and create operational efficiency.

Here are four tips that give merchandisers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on internal search to drive higher conversion rates, average order volumes and brand satisfaction. ‘Searchandising’ — Merchandise for Search

The art of merchandising is radically evolving in the digital world. When shopping in person, it can be frustrating to navigate a disorganized and messy store. The same goes for ecommerce — disorganized categorization that’s hard to search through can elicit out-of-date styles and irrelevant items in a browser’s search. A great instrument to tackle this is “searchandising” — a way of curating online merchandise for search. With intentional searchandising, the merchant can prioritize the items that benefit them most, like new arrivals, at the top of the search results and avoid customer dissatisfaction. Autocomplete and Synonym Matching

Shoppers don’t always know the right product name or the correct spelling. Properly optimized autocomplete can be an excellent tool for anticipating what shoppers are looking for and prioritizing the right products. By speaking the customers’ language, merchants can save time and show shoppers […]

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