Does your ecommerce store have a washroom?

People want to let you know what’s on their mind… Oh my god I have to go…I have to go…

You know that feeling when your bladder is about to burst?

I had one of those times when I had to pee so badly that I started to undo my belt and top button of my pants…( I hope I’m not the only one)?

I had to do what I could in preparation for the big reveal.

Imagine this…

Last year I was at the local car dealership down the street to kick the tires.

I had a long day of running around, doing errands and things and my schedule was thrown off a bit.

Just before I got to the stealership, I had a #2 combo from Wendy’s, with a large ice tea.It’s odd that I can’t remember what the combo was, I just remember it was a #2.So anyways…I’m at the dealership and talking to the sales guy, let’s call him Jim.And Jim…he was a talker, and fast too.And Jim O’boy was a stereotypical used car salesman.As bad as the rep is for used car salesmen, you’d think Jim would do something to change up his game?Nah…He had greasy hair, a plain white shirt with a brown pencil tie and he looked like had just polished off 2 or 3 honey glazed donuts (beard leftovers).Now that I think about it and given his behaviour…ole Jim may have been snorting some blow in the backroom?hmmm…But I’ll give Jim the benefit of the doubt and assume they were donuts.So Jim is rambling on and on about how the engine has V-Twin compression or something or other…But I had only one thought on my mind.And those thoughts were the rushing water at Niagara Falls…bursting over the edge of the falls in all its glory.I had to go […]

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