How the Metaverse will change the trajectory of eCommerce as we know it

Retail has already seen such drastic changes over the last decade or so, but an adaptive strategy will have to be on their mind as the Metaverse enters.

The divide between the real world, or brick-and-mortar, and the digital world, or eCommerce is only widening. Walking into a store to be able to physically touch products or interact with associates selling is being replaced by online shopping convenience, access, and speed.

What the Metaverse is here to combine is the best of both worlds to create an all-new experience that will again, redefine what shopping means to humanity .

What is the Metaverse in general? In layman teams, it pushes toward intertwining technological innovations into seamless experiences. In addition to VR/AR, the newest trends will work with tech advances to merge the physical and the digital – and retail is no exception.

Examples of the vision are already coming to life. Amazon has integrated Room Decorator, their newest AR shopping tool that allows you to digitally recreate your space in order to see what furniture or décor will work best. Second, Warby Parker, the eyeglass company, allows you to virtually try-on various frames before making a purchase.

We anticipate that eCommerce will accelerate due to the rapid changes coming to the space. New trends will allow customers to feel more confident in a purchase made virtually versus feeling like they much try on, feel, or being serviced to purchase the same product in person. “Product discovery and personalization will also accelerate. Metaverse technology will allow brands to offer shoppers a highly personalized digital experience.” The divide that has existed between other social trends and retail will further close as social aspects of in-person shopping will be provided online. Unless brick-and-mortar finds some way to provide a uniqueness to bring on-foot customers in the […]

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