Introducing Dianthus: A New AI-First Ecommerce Company

I’m Rob May, Founder and CTO at Dianthus . Two and a half years ago I joined a venture capital firm in what I thought would be my very last job. After 12 years as a CEO across two companies before that, I was ready to be on the investment side. And I loved it. Investing was just as fun and awesome as I thought it would be. But today I want to announce something that I love more. Today I want to share what prompted me to leave my General Partner position at a VC firm to come back to the operating side to build a company. Today I want to share the vision for Dianthus.

Dianthus lives at the intersection of two beliefs. First, that small to mid sized businesses are still the lifeblood of the economy, and second, that AI is the most impactful and transformative technology in the history of the modern world. Some people compare Dianthus to an e-commerce aggregator. Some compare us to a conglomerate. But we believe we are the world’s only AI-first e-commerce company – built from the ground up to help small to medium e-commerce brands grow faster than ever on a common AI platform that includes not just new technologies, but new AI-centric workflows, processes, and ways of working.

At its core, Dianthus is like a suite of powerful AI tools merged with an investment firm. We know that many SMEs don’t have the money or the expertise to implement cutting edge AI tools, and so we take ownership positions in brands that have strong growth potential and provide them access to the proprietary AI software we’ve built, and human experts with experience scaling e-commerce brands.

The opportunity here is immense. Ecommerce is growing rapidly. Consumer tastes and buying patterns are changing […]

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