How marketers are trying to recast gender stereotypes in ecommerce

Shutterstock image results for ‘shopper’ Type in ‘shopper’ into most image databases and you’ll be greeted with images of excited women laden with bags or joyfully adding items to their online baskets. While this has been an enduring stereotype of ecommerce campaigns hitherto, the last few months appear to have seen an evolving gender balance on this front. Men are fronting more campaigns for categories ranging from food to healthcare, and from personal care to household products—which were traditionally women-led.

While the pandemic has driven digital commerce to the mainstream in APAC, it has also shifted the way brands, platforms, and agencies market to women. Campaigns for categories such as beauty products, personal care, food and baby products are seeing more male participation, with a lesser focus on catering to this excited woman shopper. In addition. segments such as electronics and gaming, where campaigns have been traditionally male-centric, are being recast to be more gender neutral.

Industry executives such as Josy Paul, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO India, believe that “it’s a whirlwind of influences” that is prompting brands, agencies, and platforms to rethink their campaigns. “There is rising consciousness among marketers and brand creators about the changing consumer mindset,” he says. “Big data is adding to the awareness about what and how men and women buy (and) these forces of change are shattering old stereotypes in advertising.”

Marketers in APAC, however, face the challenge of aligning with market dynamics and simultaneously ensuring their campaigns are more diverse. For example, women in Southeast Asia contribute to 80% of all household buys, outshopping men by 20%, and spend 40% more time looking at online retailers, according to a report from Zalora . However, men are yet spending more overall, since the categories they dominate involve higher value purchases. Ritiki Gupta, Reprise […]

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