Growth potential for ecommerce in Nordics

The Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden were very early adopters of the internet and have a highly developed digital infrastructure. Online shopping is very common in the Nordics, yet research reveals that there is still growth potential in this region.

In 2021, for example, Denmark was number one in DESI, the European Commission´s Digital and Society Index. This means that the country is considered as the most mature digital economy in the EU. The other Nordic markets also rank at the top of the index. The percentage of the population who shop online is over 90 in all the Nordic countries . ‘Denmark is considered as the most mature digital economy in the EU.’ Similar consumer behavior and preferences

PostNord and Direct Link have published the E-commerce in Europe 2021 report, where many similarities in terms of ecommerce consumer behavior and preferences between the Nordic countries are seen. The four Nordic countries have the highest proportion of consumers shopping from abroad when compared to all twelve markets studied in the report. Another similarity is that they all have German fashion online retailer Zalando as number one when it comes to marketplaces they make purchases from. Marketplaces

The […]

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