Vtex: Significantly Undervalued Ecommerce Opportunity


Vtex is a technologically leading ecommerce platform provider. The company was recognized as “Visionary” in Digital Ecommerce Report 2021, outperforming its larger-sized competitors such as Shopify.

Despite only started trading publicly via an IPO in July 2021, Vtex has been a market leader in digitalizing commerce platform in Latin America in the last twenty years.

With its current $1.13 enterprise value, Vtex’s market implied growth rate is less than 5%. This depressed valuation, in our opinion, is off sync of Vtex’s tech capacity and historicalperformance.

We think the upcoming potential robust, record-level Q4 earning results will bring the company to the attention of many investors.

ipopba/iStock via Getty Images Company Overview: Vtex (NYSE: VTEX ) is an ecommerce platform company. Its cloud-based ecommerce platform allows retailers to build, operate, and connect their multichannel storefronts, which includes websites, mobile devices, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores. The platform also, through a set of inhouse and third-party solutions, integrates the complex network of retailers’ backend functions to address any potential needs in today’s ecommerceVtex was founded in 2000 by Geraldo Thomaz and Mariano Gomide. It was originally founded as a software solution for the textile industry. But the demand for software […]

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