Internet & Ecommerce IPOs in EM & FM in 2022

Provided by EMQQ.

Emerging Markets Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in 2021 brought in around $228 billion in total, up 31 percent from the $174 billion raised in 2020, according to Refinitiv. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, liquidity was injected into the system.

Looking ahead to the new year, both headwinds and tailwinds are visible, which will likely impact IPO activity. A combination of geopolitical tensions, inflation risks, central bank loosening and tightening, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are all in play. Despite all of this, relatively high valuations and market liquidity are keeping the IPO market open in 2022.

Initial public offerings aren’t just startup success stories. Each year they tell us what’s so unique about the tech scene they grew out of: like food delivery unicorn Rappi from Columbia, where this food tech startup is looking to become a super app to take on Mercado Libre, and Chinese social video and photo sharing platform Xiaohongshu, the Gen-Z focused social media company which seamlessly combines existing services, while integrating e-commerce with an Instagram-like social video and photo apps.

One thing we are sure of for 2022, More IPOs outside of the U.S. Three reasons why:
Congress has pushed the SEC to require foreign companies to submit to U.S. auditing standards and governance rules. This advances a movement that should lead to most of the US-listed Chinese companies in our EMQQ Index to be moved to the Hong Kong or Shanghai Exchanges, but the switch should be seamless to investors.

As a result, the next crop of successful Chinese companies is expected to list in Hong Kong or Shanghai. This should be a boon to the U.S. ETF industry since they can easily provide access to these foreign listings for U.S. investors. Also, last year, exchanges from Mumbai to Jakarta revamped their rules in the […]

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