Amazon Revs Up Ecommerce Packaging Designs

Ecommerce packaging is getting more sustainable and efficient through Amazon’s expanded Frustration-Free Packaging program. But the clever new designs are what really wow shoppers.

Ecommerce packaging development and improvement took another leap forward in June 2021, when Amazon announced an expansion of its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program . Now, half a year later, we not only get a progress update, but we get to see some ingenious packaging designs — like reversible, inside-printed gift boxes and other results from successful brand/supplier/Amazon partnerships.

Vincent Barral, Principal, Frustration-Free Packaging, Customer Packaging Experience, Amazon, gives Packaging Digest an exclusive inside look at some FFP wins, tools, and knockout designs. It has been about half a year since its introduction. How is the expanded FFP incentive program going so far?

Barral: We have received very positive feedback from our vendors whose curiosity and knowledge about Frustration-Free Packaging is growing. We have experienced a sharp increase in traffic on our Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) website and in outreach of vendors to the FFP team at Amazon. We see vendors adopting FFP principles more holistically, not

only by packaging development teams, but also by product development teams, who are adopting FFP requirements for new product launches, along with […]

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