Amazon Prime's $20 Price Increase Comes With 1 Strange Perk-Now I'm Saving Over $1,000 a Year

The silver lining that the eCommerce conglomerate was banking on no one noticing.

Amazon announced surging profits in the fourth quarter of $14.3 billion, and it’s costing Prime members. The trillion-dollar company is raising eyebrows as its raising the price of Prime membership. Unlike its $10 delivery fee that comes with one major perk that can help save the environment, the additional $20 per year comes with one major, money-saving perk that will put hundreds-or even thousands back in your pocket.

As new and existing members learned that they will now have to pay $139 per year for the must-have membership, I learned how to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year. No coupons or black hat tactics required.

Like millions of other Prime members, I depend on Amazon for nearly every, everyday item, from toothpaste to pet supplies. But while Amazon enables us to shop in our pajamas-without schlepping to the store, it isn’t the only modern-day mall where you can go to find just about anything in one location online.

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So as Amazon makes the short-sighted mistake of thinking it is, I found myself forced to do something I admittedly don’t love to do. I went shopping. But not on Amazon.

I went back to the first place you would go just a decade ago when you wanted the simplicity of knowing you were getting the lowest price: Walmart. Being the adult that I am, I took off my pajamas and put on my yoga pants for the event. And I was amazed.

After years of shopping on Amazon, I knew that while Amazon was convenient, it wasn’t the cheapest. But I didn’t realize how much more expensive it is for a number of everyday products I purchase frequently.

For example, I could save $65 per year on shampoo alone. And I’m not talking about buying fancy salon-quality products, but my late dad’s favorite (and very pragmatic) pick, Pert Plus. At Amazon one bottle costs $8.30-a price my dad would have thought outrageous. But over at Walmart, it’s a practical price of $2.88.

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It wasn’t just some strange difference in shampoo prices. There are dozens of common items that add up to savings between $20 to $100 or more per year each. From paper towels, which […]

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