Nu Reach Media Reviewed: The Fastest-Growing Canadian E-Commerce Agency

How Nu Reach Media Provides Direct-to-Consumer Brands with the Marketing Insight Needed to Scale.

In this day and age, it is nearly impossible for an online brand to succeed without strategic insight into the world of advertising, yet finding an agency with a depth of understanding remains surprisingly difficult. Nu Reach Media, however, is filling this knowledge gap for their DTC E-commerce clients.

Through paid traffic, email marketing, and content creation, Nu Reach Media creates innovative strategies that allow its clients to scale their revenue to seven and eight figures.

Perhaps more importantly, however, Nu Reach Media understands that every brand has its own distinct needs. Whether a client wants assured strategies to keep revenue consistent, or they are looking to level up to six, seven, or even eight-figure income, Nu Reach Media personalizes their methods to meet brands where they are and accomplish their goals.

Paid Advertising is More Than Clicking a Button

While any brand worth its salt is likely somewhat active on social media, Nu Reach Media provides its clients with paid traffic across all platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google, and more.

Nu Reach Media CEO, Jordan Bazouzi reveals that most of their clients have had initial success through organic marketing, but are struggling to reach the next level through paid advertising. “We turn on the taps for brands that didn’t even know the water was there,” Jordan says . Yet, this process is not as simple as it may seem; cross-platform advertising requires a thorough understanding of the subtleties of each, what kind of content performs best, and how to make that content appear native to each platform.

E-Commerce agencies also provide an expert eye and can attend to the technical difficulties brands often face, such as disabled accounts or ads not running effectively.

Nu Reach Media is the fastest-growing Canadian eCommerce agency because their clients trust them, allowing business owners to do what they do best–run their business.

How Nu Reach Media has Mastered Email Marketing

While email marketing can be a lucrative tactic for businesses, it is an incredibly time-intensive job to do in-house.Email marketing requires significant strategy, and writing copy can be tedious, especially when a brand has segmented audiences that are best reached in a variety of ways.Nu Reach Media understands that a brand’s audience is as unique as the brand itself. Therefore the Nu Reach Team works as a natural extension of the brand to […]

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