5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2022

In March 2022, content marketers could produce evergreen workshops, craft tutorials, entertaining videos, St. Patrick’s Day ideas, or pay homage to family-owned businesses.

No matter the topic, content marketing should help companies attract, engage, and retain customers. Doing that requires creating, publishing, and promoting content.

To help fill your editorial backlog, here are five content marketing ideas for March 2022. 1. Evergreen Workshops

Popular culture has made the color green seemingly inseparable from the month of March. It’s Irish heritage month in several nations. And it contains St. Patrick’s Day, which, in the United States at least, often includes consuming green beer. There are other green celebrations, too — the city of Chicago dyes the river green, for example.

So why not apply the green theme and launch one or more “evergreen” workshops?

A workshop differs from a standalone video or article in that it often includes interaction, typically requiring participants to turn-in work.

The “evergreen” part describes a workshop that’s available at any time. Email automation directs participants through the workshop, pointing to videos, forums, and activities.

Here is an example. Imagine an online music store that creates an evergreen workshop for beginning guitar. The workshop might include: Several video lessons, PDF sheet music, A forum, A website for submitting homework, Email automation to guide participants. An evergreen workshop launched in March 2022 could encourage signups year around. Photo: Oleg Ivanov. The concept could work for all sorts of online businesses. Luggage retailer: “Travel to Asia” workshop. Kitchen supply store: “Sustainable Cooking” workshop. Legal document supplier: “Employment Tax Filings” workshop. 2. National Craft Month How-to content is among the most effective. Anything that helps consumers achieve a goal is truly useful and encourages a sense of reciprocity.So why not recognize National Craft Month with one or more how-to articles or videos?Here are a few […]

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