, first metaverse bridge between real and the virtual world on blockchain

The Secret World offers an exciting gaming module for Secret society. The game entertains a large audience due to its unique game strategy and gaming mode, besides, exciting visuals on the network and in the game. Meanwhile, the blockchain of today attracts gamers naturally due to the intrinsic property of scalability and exposure.

Harju, Estonia, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In such a huge market, well-designed and equipped games like Secret World. Game Overview

To reach the high table, players must have premium values. These values act as a wild entry to the high table. Only then you are eligible for the prestegious High table. “I have served. I will be of service.”

—The High Table’s oath of fealty

The members of the high table have myriad luxuries in the game. They have access to luxury hotels, designer clothing, libraries and elite memberships. It is up to the members then, how they choose to use their premium facilities to achieve their goals.

We look forward to good strategies by our high level players. “Secret world is a decentral tokenized VR secret society powered by Binance smart chain network.”


Play. Compete. EarnSecret world offers a play to earn gaming model, enabling users to come together, communicate on the platform and play immersive games, all this while making significant earnings through it.#EarnCommunicate. Enjoy. EarnSecret world project provides multiple earning streams within its network. Users can earn through Staking, Playing secret world games, Hodling secret world utility token, and much more#CreateExplore. DesignUsers can bring their vision to life at Secret world through designing their own lands and characters. Users can accessorize their lands, and characters with additional feature NFTs.#TradeGather. Exchange. EarnSecret world’s marketplace is a huge market with large numbers of buyer and sellers producing infinite opportunities for members to pick what suits their desires.StakingSecret […]

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