Finally Here - SpiderDAO Groundbreaking Multi-Token Hardware Miner

The SpiderMiner Is a Revolutionary New Eco-Friendly Multi-Token Hardware Miner

London, UK , Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After months of development and testing, SpiderDAO is pleased to unveil the SpiderMiner , a revolutionary and eco-friendly multi-token hardware miner that promises to bring safe, efficient, and privacy-focused crypto mining to private individuals and projects, irrespective of the underlying network protocol or token characteristics. About The SpiderMiner Hardware Device The SpiderMiner is more than just a revolutionary new hardware mining device. Developed by the SpiderMiner and SpiderVPN development teams, the SpiderMiner comes with a long list of in-built features and functions, including: Military-grade VPN protection

Low-power, eco-friendly operation

Privacy and security features for the Metaverse, including a Decentralized ID (DID)

Voting and community participation features via a hardware DAO

A simple, user-friendly interface for setting up and automating mining functions

A high fixed ROI for high market cap tokens and assets

1-click 90-day token bonding options to enhance earnings and encourage greater TVL To ensure eco-friendly operation, the SpiderMiner team donates $5 to the Tree-Nation project for every miner sold. Tree-Nation has already planted over 12 million trees and has offset over 1.5b tons of CO2 emissions. The SpiderMiner team also developed a groundbreaking new mining algorithm called Proof of Privacy Staking, or POPS, a hybrid mining algorithm that is highly energy efficient.POPS uses both on-chain as well as off-chain metrics and elements to validate mining rewards. These metrics and elements are as follows: Miners must initially bond a minimum of $10 worth of each token for the duration of the mining period. The network constantly verifies the validity of each miner based on unique characteristics such as MAC address, chipset serial numbers, crypto wallet address, and the user’s account details. […]

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