Two homegrown Filipino brands find success on eCommerce

Filipino beauty brands have been making waves in the scene for a while now, dominating consumers’ hearts through utilizing eCommerce and social media for their brands. As one of the biggest platforms and eCommerce pioneers in the country, Lazada has been empowering local beauty and skincare brands to flourish by providing an avenue for Filipinos to easily find and buy the products they’re looking for.

Two local brands that have established their presence on the platform are Clocheflame and Apotheke Science. Both companies were founded on the genuine desire to inspire people, and both were built from the ground up on Lazada.

Cultivating everyday Filipina beauty Clocheflame’s line of Lip Muse Nourishing Sheer Lipstick Twenty-five-year-old Arianne Amante established Clocheflame, a local beauty brand providing quality but affordable make-up products fit for the everyday Filipina. She always knew that she wanted to start a beauty brand, with her inspiration stemming from her college thesis highlighting Filipino’s perception of self-beauty.

She eventually made her dream a reality by opening her shop in 2020, leaving her corporate job to focus on her business full-time.

Launching the business two years ago was definitely a challenge with the unexpected hurdles brought about by the pandemic, but she shared that onboarding her fledgling brand on Lazada was an easy decision to make.

“Putting up our business in Lazada was a no-brainer because we knew that it was a vital tool for us to grow our business, and this has been proven true,” says Amante.

Creating natural skincare solutions

Meanwhile, Apotheke Science was likewise developed from a simple intent to help others. Apotheke’s set for acne prone skin It all started with the founder of the local skincare brand formulating a salve that would help the skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy heal from the effects of radiation. The product proved […]

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