Exploring the ultimate tech stack for eCommerce brands

As the eCommerce sector becomes progressively more competitive, the appropriate technology stack may assist online businesses in enhancing their business operations across a variety of areas.

Moving forward, we will explore the best tech software to enhance your eCommerce business

Collaboration & Communication – Spike

Spike is the first email platform designed specifically for collaborative work, and it enables groups of any size to connect, create, and work together to achieve more. Your inbox is transformed into a chat-like interface, and all your communications, collaboration, tasks, and video/audio conversations are consolidated into one location when you use the Spike app.

Spike’s robust Inbox provides you with all the tools you want in a single workflow, so you do not have to jump between several apps to complete a job or make an agenda for a meeting. Make it very easy for you to complete your job, interact with other team members or customers, remain organized, and maintain your productivity.

Visual AI Assistance – renovai

renovai provides real-time visual AI solutions with minimum integration time and resources, helping merchants create unmatched, inspirational, and personalized customer engagements.

By including context while making a match, correlated deep tagging enhances filtering depending on the categories consumers choose to explore. It yields the most precise results for both small vendors and marketplaces with extensive inventory sources. Their proprietary technology, Correlated Deep Tagging, hyper-personalises the shopping experience by making items more discoverable and enhancing the tagging precision using computer vision AI. Revenue Uplift – Voyantis Voyantis is a codeless predictive growth platform that assists marketing and growth professionals in focusing on profitability by utilizing actionable LTV-based predictive data to acquire and retain customers with the highest value. Voyantis helps businesses acquire and keep customers with the highest lifetime value.Your zero-party and first-party data are […]

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