Tips to Strengthen the Security of your eCommerce Store

83% of SMEs aren’t equipped to recover from a cyber attack.

If you’re running an eCommerce store it becomes crucial to protect customer data. As you work to create an exceptional customer experience, if there is a data breach threatening their data then all your reputation goes for a toss. With the steady rise in cyber security attacks, eCommerce stores must go beyond the basics to protect customer data. Here’s how you can walk the extra mile to protect customer transaction data in your eCommerce store: Train your team

Phishing attacks have become exceptionally common today. In a phishing attack, hackers target victims by sending SMS or Email by impersonating them. Your employees may accidentally fall prey to these legitimate-looking emails and reveal critical business data. As an employer, it is important to carry out security training programs educating employees on the best practices. Protect your passwords

Don’t overlook the basics of password security for your store. Never repeat your password for any of the internal systems you use- and update them occasionally. Creating unique passwords for each site significantly reduces the chance of hampering data security and minimizes threats. There are many third-party tools available on the market that can help you in syncing, managing and generating encrypted passwords. Encrypt your store

For eCommerce stores under PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, it is a must to get an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. A properly installed SSL certificate protects your site by encrypting all the data of your store. Further, it also enables HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), which effectively encrypts, connects, and adds a padlock icon next to your address bar. It increases the trust factor of your online store and shows that your store is secure to use. Configure two-factor authentication

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