VC investment into ecommerce companies clocks record $140B in 2021, India ranks 2nd after the US

Bengaluru took the top spot among global cities, with $14 billion worth of VC investments in digital shopping in 2021, followed by Gurugram at 7th place ($4 billion) and Mumbai at 10th place ($3 billion).

In 2021, global venture capital investment into digital shopping more than doubled following a significant consumer shift to ecommerce platforms amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, according to London & Partners and

The total global VC investment stood at a record $140 billion, up from $68 billion in 2020, with the US and India leading the chart with investments of $51 and $22 billion, respectively, the report said.

Investment in India grew by a whopping 175 percent from $8 billion in 2020 to $22 billion in 2021. India was second only to the US ($51 billion), followed by China in third ($14 billion), the UK in fourth ($7 billion), and the most in Europe. Bengaluru led the list of global cities that received the most VC investment into digital shopping last year, almost tripling from $5 billion in 2020 to $14 billion in 2021. The city ranked above other leading cities in the world, including New York, San Francisco, and London. Gurugram stood at the 7th place, with $4 billion in VC investment, and Mumbai at 10th, with $3 billion. Image source: Shutterstock In Europe, London was the leading hub for digital shopping investment, with a record $5 billion raised by companies based in the UK capital in 2021. “Today’s data shows that the UK and India are two of the world’s leading hubs for digital shopping companies, with high levels of global investment and unicorns. It’s fantastic to see Bengaluru emerge a global leader for digital shopping investment last year. This surely creates several opportunities for collaboration with an already strong market in London,” said Hemin Bharucha, […]

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