Focus on Ecommerce: When is a cookie policy needed?

If you’re wondering when a cookie policy is needed on your ecommerce site, it’s important to bear in mind that you’ll need one whenever you’re using cookies on your website or app. This is because you’re required under privacy law to explain to individuals what cookies you use and how you use them, and it’s common practice to set this information out in a cookies policy.

The privacy rules also apply to ‘similar technologies’ to cookies; for example flash cookies, web beacons, device fingerprinting, pixels and plugins.

Although you’re not legally required to provide information about your use of cookies if you’re only using essential (or strictly necessary) cookies , the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) advises that it’s best practice to do so in all circumstances. Essential cookies are those that are strictly necessary in order for people to use your website properly (see below).

You’re also required to get the consent of your users before you set any non-essential cookies, so it’s important that you understand the distinction. We’ve set out below some examples of different types of cookies your ecommerce website might use.

Different types of cookies

There are various different types of cookies, including:

1. Essential cookies

These are cookies that are essential in order for your site to function properly. This could include cookies that enable pages on your website to load quickly, those that remember your users’ login details or cookies that remember what your customer has placed in their shopping baskets.You do not need to get consent before you set these cookies. 2. Analytics cookies These cookies collect information about how your users use your website, for instance what pages they visit most often and what searches they carry out. These cookies do not meet the strictly necessary exemption, and so you must get consent of […]

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