Ecommerce Personalization in the Age of Consumer Data Privacy

Optimized personalization is a necessary tenet of any ecommerce brand that aims to stand out. The importance of winning loyal customers depends on one-to-one customer personalization and engagement based on customers’ behavior and intent. As the benefits of personalization become more apparent, the rise in data privacy concerns and their impact on organizations are beginning to take center stage.

Laws and regulations that protect consumer data — such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the removal of third-party cookie support and Apple’s increased privacy protections — are pushing ecommerce operators to find creative new ways to provide successful personalization.

The “Cold Start Problem” asks how personalized experiences can be offered to consumers who are anonymous or first-time users. Since these users make up a significant portion of customers, merchants cannot overlook this demographic. It also asks how “recently added” products can be successfully integrated into recommendation systems when they have no prior engagement.

Reassuring customers about your security systems and ensuring you have all protective measurements in place is vital to the success of your mobile commerce systems as well. One report states that more than 60% of marketers confess to having no preparation to block fraud via mobile marketing, making mobile systems another area that merchants must consider when developing fraud precautions.

Personalization is only as good as the data the merchants can collect. How can retailers optimize the shopping experience with data privacy in mind using anonymous or non-personally identifiable information (PII)? Personalization with Privacy

It is no secret that merchants must customize their personalization strategies to succeed. Personalization must be fitted to new and anonymous users in our cookie-free future, which is not as out of reach as it seems. On-site behavior creates a rich customer data profile while allowing the merchant to maintain high customer privacy […]

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