3 critical technology trends in B2B ecommerce

Perspectives 3 critical technology trends in B2B ecommerce

George Anderson | Feb 7, 2022 Real-time integration of ERP and B2B ecommerce technology, integration-first platforms, and cloud technology that supports flexible and scalable ecommerce are three critical trends that manufacturers and distributors must consider, writes George Anderson, marketing manager at Corevist Inc.

George Anderson It’s no secret that COVID disrupted the world of B2B ecommerce. Market trends and evolving customer expectations have pushed B2B vendors to transform faster than ever before.

With rapid digital transformation now the norm, agile organizations can’t justify the intensive investment that’s required with on-premises or self-hosted solutions.

In the realm of B2B ecommerce technology, we’re seeing several shifts in the market. Here are the top three trends that are defining new B2B ecommerce implementations. 1.—“Bolt-on” ERP integration isn’t working for manufacturers

Third-party-dependent integrations have never been great for organizations whose business lives in the ERP. If the company doesn’t have enough IT resources to dedicate to integration, data problems can arise—and ultimately, those become customer experience problems.

This trend is only intensifying as market pressures push companies to launch B2B ecommerce faster—and with all the integrations that customers need to complete transactions.

Conventional thinking said that a standalone platform was adequate for all organizations and all B2B use cases. If you needed ERP integration, you could choose from a wide range of third-party “connectors” to keep your ERP and your B2B ecommerce store in sync.ERP-dependent organizations are finding this architecture unmanageable. It creates three duplicate systems (ERP, B2B ecommerce, and an integration solution), each with its own copy of all ERP data and logic. If business rules change in the ERP, you have to change them accordingly in the other two systems or synchronization will create errors.Having three systems means you’ll need three separate teams. Whether you […]

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