Tackling the Chargeback Surge: How eCommerce Merchants Are Doubling Down On Disputes And Chargebacks

NEW REPORT: How eCommerce Merchants Will Mitigate The Chargeback Surge

Thirty-nine percent of eCommerce shoppers across Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. are disputing more transactions now than before March 2020 — and merchants are feeling the pinch. In Tackling The Chargeback Surge, PYMNTS surveys 3,557 consumers and 1,036 eCommerce retailers across the three countries to learn how local merchants plan to mitigate the toll that chargebacks take on their bottom lines. BY COMPLETING THIS FORM, I HAVE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND AGREE THAT PYMNTS.COM MAY CONTACT ME AT THE EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE.

Inside the February Report

24%: Share of eCommerce customers who have disputed at least one charge in the past 12 months

27%: Portion of consumers initiating chargebacks who do so because of fraud

77%: Segment of merchants that are investing or plan to invest in chargeback prevention strategies

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