3 Dividend Stocks to Buy for Immediate Passive Income in February

Dividend stocks continue to be popular choices for Motley Fool investors in this volatile market. We want some guaranteed income if it means we’re going to be investing in some risky stocks on the side. Even if you’re not investing with some risk in mind, keeping an eye out for passive income is never a bad thing

The problem is, some of the top dividend stocks out there deliver passive income every quarter. That means you may have to wait months to see any cash in your pocket. And even if it’s monthly, you have to be a shareholder of record by a certain date to get in on February cash.

So, today I’m going to offer up some dividend stocks with ex-dividend dates you can still buy into, and see cash before the end of the month. Enghouse Systems

Enghouse Systems (TSX:ENGH) shareholders must be on record by February 11 to receive its dividend on February 28. The company currently offers a 1.49% dividend yield of $0.64 per year in passive income. It delivers its dividend quarterly, so if you’re wanting dividend stocks you can receive $0.16 per share when the dividend comes out on February 28.

The enterprise software company currently trades at $43.22. Shares are down 28% in the last year, but have started climbing slightly since the tech stock drop in mid-January. Analysts give it a consensus target price of $60.25, a potential upside of 39% as of writing. Sleep Country Canada

Sleep Country Canada Holdings (TSX:ZZZ) is another of the dividend stocks that pays out before the end of the month. The passive income producer must have shareholders on record for February 17 to receive a dividend on February 28. Sleep Country offers a dividend yield of 2.29%, therefore providing $0.78 per share per year in passive […]

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