PackagePortal is Transforming Legacy Businesses in the Ecommerce Space with Their Crypto-Based Delivery Verification and Feedback Platform

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Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – February 10, 2022) – PackagePortal was founded to deliver novel, crypto-based solutions to the logistics industry. They provide real value (not just speculative value) to merchants and consumers across the globe using this tech, regardless of market volatility, utilizing their ability to decouple from BTC due to a subset of merchants in the global economy needing to purchase the token and hold a supply in order to participate. Article content

Having such utility in their token enables PackagePortal to move beyond mere speculative trading. They take pride in their ability to ensure uneducated traders are never harmed through buying tokens that have no purpose and ultimately crash when the hype ends. Effectively, PackagePortal has created a natural demand for the token supply which is poised to convert the world’s retailers into buyers.

Their unique idea has been exemplified recently through their recent partnership with Keoni CBD, a leading CBD brand, who have just integrated PackagePortal’s technology in order to reward customers with their token after they successfully confirm their deliveries and rate their personal experiences.

Paving the way for other bootstrapped startups around the world, PackagePortal is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of logistics.

PackagePortal: The Story

PackagePortal is the brainchild of CEO J.G. Whitley, a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of eCommerce experience and a particular knack for understanding logistics. Having already scaled a retail delivery company in the Phoenix area that’s still in operation, he developed a unique level of intimacy with last-mile logistics. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts to create multifaceted solutions to industry-wide inefficiencies was thus a natural next step. He is supported by his CTO and co-founder, Gabriel Chaney, a full-stack engineer with over a decade of experience in leading software teams through fast-paced […]

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