The Future of AI Virtual Consultation and Ecommerce

The Future of AI Virtual Consultation and Ecommerce 1 In the service sector, the rise of chabot virtual consultation is contributing to the insomnia of sales professionals foreseeing a worrisome, jobless future . Evidence suggests that concerns are unjustified, however –– at least for now . Whether chatbots, virtual assistants and AI will create more jobs than they will destroy, or whether they will help humans with their tasks, rather than substitute them, is still a matter of unresolved debate. The rise of Artificial Intelligence virtual consultation, however, is not. Why an AI Virtual Assistant?

As we speed towards automation and Elon Musk preaches the arrival of driverless cars, increasingly more people fear being outperformed by AI. Far from any Matrix-like dystopia, however, one of the fastest growing automation strategies has been the use of chatbots in ecommerce websites , hand in hand with the rise of online business during the COVID pandemic .

AI virtual consultation presents a series of advantages that makes it irresistibly attractive for businesses, including the following: Chatbots work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

They have a near zero cost

They are time-efficient for both the company and its customers

They do not incur in human errors , or greatly minimize them

They give away the image of a flourishing, digitalised business

Does Virtual Consultation Actually Work? Nowadays, ignoring chatbots would be like the ancient equivalent of dismissing powder because it creates colorful fires in the sky with little practical use. AI consultation is continuously adapting itself , fed by millions of people day after day, hour after hour. We are at the very beginning of a revolution that is rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industries –– so, for all old-school cavemen out there, it might be worth […]

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