Google Shares 6 Tips For Ecommerce Search Results

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Google published a new video offering six tips for how to make ecommerce sites eligible for special presentations in the search results.

The video began by highlighting three key elements that help ecommerce product pages stand out:

> Images help site visitors understand products

Star ratings increase trust

Pricing and availability helps shoppers choose between sellers Some of those elements depend on product structured data to make them eligible for enhanced listings, while others require participation in Google’s Merchant Center Feed. 1. Title Tags Kent discusses title links, the links shown in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that are generated from webpage title tags.He explains that if the title element doesn’t adequately describe what the webpage is about that Google will rewrite it, using content from the heading at the top of the page or even the anchor text from links to the webpage.He also advises taking extra care with automated product title tags to ensure there is no duplicate content or missing information. “A good title link can greatly help users understand your offering, bringing quality traffic to your site. …Low quality title links can harm a users’s impression of your site.” Alan cautions against using dynamically generated title tags to add availability or price data to the title tag because there’s a lag between when the title tag is updated and when Google eventually shows the updated title link in the SERPs. By this time, the information may be outdated.He recommends using a Google site: search to double-check what the title tags might look like when displayed in the search results. 2. Include High Quality Images High quality images are a […]

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