The Best Ecommerce Content for Twitter

Social media increasingly drives traffic and awareness to ecommerce brands. But effective social content varies depending on the channel. I’ve addressed the best content for Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest , and LinkedIn .

In this post, I’ll discuss Twitter. Twitter Content for Ecommerce

Ask questions. Asking questions of your followers can drive engagement. The questions can be related to your brand or your products as well as holidays, trends, and current events. Elon Musk, for example, regularly questions his Twitter followers, generating a lot of buzz around his companies and products. Elon Musk’s questions on Twitter followers generated much attention. Twitter Polls provide instant feedback and offer followers a chance to weigh in on important issues. Use polls for sales and marketing topics or thought leadership. Polls can also promote products, even in a lighthearted manner, such as this Wendy’s example. Polls on Twitter can promote products, even in a lighthearted manner. This poll from Wendy’s asks, “How do you eat our hot and crispy fries?” Industry news tweets can establish your credibility as a market leader and a go-to source for updates and info. News-related content can also help sell products. Netflix uses this strategy often when promoting the careers of actors who have starred in one of its original movies or series. Netflix promotes on Twitter the actors in its original content. This announcement congratulates Jung Ho-Yeon for an award. Brand announcements. An upcoming product launch or feature release can quickly raise awareness among followers. Pair the announcement with user-generated endorsements and testimonials for more impact. For major announcements, consider “pinning” the tweet, which forces it to remain static at the top of a profile. Butterfinger, the candy bar, did this recently for a live company event. Butterfinger pinned a tweet announcing a live roundtable discussion. For […]

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