Quotient Technology : Valentine's Day eCommerce Trends Consumers Are Sure to Love

Valentine’s DayeCommerce Trends Consumers Are Sure to Love

Roses are red, violets are blue, eCommerce sales are big in 2022!

With Valentine’s Day spending expected to rise by 9.6% to nearly $24 billionthis year, Quotient internal data reveals that consumers have fallen madly in love with eCommerce. Product categories from beauty and adult beverage to food and candy are experiencing massive eCommerce sales lifts that hint at how Americans plan to celebrate.

Let’s discover which products are trending as Valentine’s Day approaches and how consumers are increasingly relying on eCommerce solutions.

Wining and Dining

It looks as though shoppers will be saying “cheers to love” based on eCommerce sales lifts over 2021 for wine, beer and spirits. Premixed Alcohol Cocktail sales are up 480% and wine is up in nearly every category depending on the variety and country of origin-with German (690%), Spanish/Portuguese (308%) and Dessert Wine (285%) emerging as the top performers.

Import Beer (163%), Light Beer (404%), Domestic Beer (231%) and Non-Alcoholic Beer (494%) eCommerce sales are up as well, though we’d expect plenty of cans and longnecks to be cracked open on Super Bowl Sunday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day Eve in 2022.

Fresh Beef also is pulling double duty for football celebrations as well as fancy dinners at home and has posted an eCommerce sales lift of 301%. The Look of Love Whether consumers are looking forward to a night out, an evening with friends or just a day to look and feel their best, more beauty purchases are occurring online leading up to Valentine’s Day this year.Notably, shoppers are contributing to considerable eCommerce sales lifts over 2021 when refreshing their makeup bags with Eyebrow & Eyeliner (354%), Mascara (256%), Face Foundation (221%), Face Powder (299%), Face Blush (197%) and False Eyelashes (195%).It also appears that […]

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