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In January, MakoLab completed talks regarding collaboration with leading eCommerce platform Shopware AG, which supplies business and functional solutions for medium- and large-sized businesses. With its newly finalised status as a Shopware Business Partner, MakoLab has joined the group of agencies recommended by Shopware and gained access to the know-how of the platform’s creators and support in deployment.

Shopware AG is one of the largest and most dynamically developing suppliers of eCommerce solutions on the market. More than twenty years of experience and over 100,000 clients with eCommerce activities based on Shopware’s platform have placed it among the leaders in terms of solutions supporting the development of the sector. The German company’s client list encompasses global corporations and SMEs representing a wide range of business areas, including Douglas, Philips, Discovery Channel, Aston Martin and BVB (Borussia Dortmund), to name but a very few.

Shopware 6, the latest version of the platform is a step in the direction of creating solutions for a global society not only in terms of the development of the software itself, but also as regards the needs of clients operating on an international market. MakoLab’s experts are extremely well-versed in the technologies forming the basis of the platform.

We were looking for a flexible solution for creating multichannel client experiences that are easily scalable and provide freedom when it comes to selecting front-end layers. Shopware 6 gives us those capabilities and MakoLab’s team includes programmers who know exactly how to make the very most of the platform’s stack technology. We’re also very optimistic about carrying out joint projects with Shopware.

Shopware 6 is based on tried and tested technologies like Symfony and Vue.js. The extensive API interface facilitates problem-free integration with any ecosystem or components that are used. We’re familiar with MakoLab’s current client portfolio and development […]

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