Logistics Tech Unicorn Helps eCommerce Brands Crack Next-Day Delivery Challenge

In neighborhoods across America, those people oddly standing on front porches and doorsteps aren’t looking around for lost car keys. Like all of us, they want to know where their package is.

Waiting for parcels to arrive is a triathlon of patience, zeal, and angst in the new quasi-sport of last-mile delivery. And that’s just the consumer side. Drivers face issues of their own.

Itamar Zur , CEO at next-day delivery platform Veho , had such an experience once as a student at Harvard Business School, bounced between customer service lines, awaiting an order that never arrived. Unsure what that better way was — or where to find it — he set out to build it instead.

In a conversation with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Zur said, “shipping providers in the past designed their businesses around large package delivery B2B businesses. Volume was flat throughout the week. You needed the same number of trucks. You needed the same number of drivers every day of the week. That’s not the world we are living anymore.”

ECommerce continues to reshape the shipping and logistics sector, as major players like Amazon put up more warehouses adjacent to population centers to shorten delivery times — now becoming one of the most meaningful metrics in the connected economy. Noting that eCommerce alone now represents 50% of shipping volume — and rising fast — Zur said traditional providers find it difficult to stay in sync with the demand that constantly ebbs and flows.

Zur’s approach was to build a last-mile marketplace that carefully orchestrates routes, goods, and drivers. The obsession with shortening delivery windows is the new horse race between eCommerce sites vying for consumer dollars, and notions of “experience” change drastically.

“I used to think delivery should take five to seven days until somebody offered me next day delivery,” he […]

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