How Experiential Ecommerce is Digitally Reconceptualizing Human Connection

We Are | Getty Images Nowadays, the dichotomy of commerce and ecommerce has become quite opaque regarding the level of human connection between company and consumer. You can argue that commerce leverages the advantage of in-person communication and connection over the ecommerce experience. However, in our modern-day reality with the overwhelming tilt toward online shopping as a consumer’s leading choice, establishing human connection has become a priority for many online retailers.

With companies grappling to firmly secure that connection, many have turned toward a new ecommerce approach that is reconceptualizing the online shopping space — experiential ecommerce. This rendition of shopping focuses on reinventive strategies for consumers because it prioritizes the experience and aligns itself with a consumer-centric ideology. This allows ecommerce to humanize virtual spaces and has taken ecommerce by storm. Experiences are ever-evolving

In digital design, user experiences are, at its core, one of the most fundamental elements to achieve innovation. The same can be said for experiential ecommerce websites. This poses the underlining question: Why are experiences important to the consumer, and how can they elevate that missing spark of human connection?

With experiential ecommerce, the user or consumer is the priority, and their needs are brought to the forefront of the shopping experience. This opens a myriad of pathways that can drive a brand’s conversion rates because through interaction and connection, a lasting impression is built. This allows companies the opportunity to stand out amongst the overly saturated market and grow as new-age retailers against their competitors.

Established modes of ecommerce are shifting practices to move the consumer at the front of the line in subtle — and significant — ways. Experiential is dimensional

New modes of three-dimensional visual product try-ons have established their reputation in the experiential ecommerce playing field for quite some time now […]

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