Top eCommerce brands in Europe

Europe is a leading eCommerce region in international comparison.

Europe is a leading eCommerce region in international comparison. With a total cumulated eCommerce revenue of US$732 billion in 2021 , Europe generated about 76% of the eCommerce revenue of the Americas – which include the United States as the world’s second largest eCommerce country by total revenue. Within Europe, it is the UK and Germany which are the leading eCommerce countries revenue-wise. No wonder, thus, that most of Europe’s leading eCommerce brands come from either Germany or the UK. The unchallenged number one, however, is someone else: With total European eCommerce net sales of US$53 million in 2020, Amazon is Europe’s most successful eCommerce brand1, leading over its competitors by an unrivalled margin of an incredible US$44.9 billion. In other words, Amazon generated higher net sales than ranks 2 to 5 in the comparison of Europe’s leading eCommerce brands by total eCommerce net sales in 2020 taken together. The UK supermarket chain Tesco makes rank 2 with 2020 eCommerce net sales of US$8.1 billion. German fashion online retailer Zalando follows closely in rank 3, generating eCommerce net sales of US$7.8 billion in 2020. U.S. electronics brand Apple and another UK retail chain, Argos, make ranks 4 and 5. The top 10 brands feature more players from the UK and Germany, but also an up-and-coming and fast-growing Russian competitor. Find out who it is and get more details on the players by checking out the brand-new ecommerceDB Trend Report “eCommerce in Europe 2021”. Next to an analysis of Europe’s top eCommerce brands and players, the report also includes extensive details on other relevant topics around eCommerce in Europe. Based on exclusive data provided by, the Statista Digital Market Outlook and the Statista Global Consumer Survey, “eCommerce in Europe 2021” gives […]

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