Elastic Path, BORN, Launch ‘Pre-Composed Solution’

Composable commerce firm Elastic Path has launched what it calls a Pre-Composed Solution designed to give its clients a host of tools to run their businesses from a single platform, according to a Monday (March 28) press release emailed to PYMNTS.

The new tool, built with the help of Elastic Path partner BORN, offers a front-end platform from Vue Storefront; search, merchandising and content management from Bloomreach; sales tax calculation from Avalara; core commerce capabilities from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud; and Elastic Path Payments.

“Together, these best-in-class providers empower business users with everything they need to quickly launch and optimize differentiated experiences across touchpoints, without reliance on development teams,” the company said in the release.

Elastic Path bills itself as the founder of connected commerce, which the company defined on its website as an approach that lets businesses bring their brands’ “digital vision to life by launching and continuously optimizing digital commerce experiences that leverage multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete, business ready solution.”

The company said in the release its latest product differs from “all-in-one” legacy platforms in that those products feature “rigid” catalog management, search, content management and front-end capabilities that force businesses to waste time and money on complicated workarounds, putting them at risk of missing go-live dates and disappointing customers.

In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster earlier this month, Elastic Path CEO Jamus Driscoll said delivering optimal eCommerce experiences at scale in 2022 requires companies to reimagine engagement across various channels and employ systems that provide a personalized control of the end-to-end buyer journey.

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“Digital is no longer a channel,” Driscoll said. “It’s the medium by which we’re going to be driving our business now and for the foreseeable future.”

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