eCommerce Sellers Need Bespoke Insurance When Selling Goods Sourced Internationally

Small business owners looking to mitigate the risk within the business that is their life’s work want to have some authority in the insurance purchasing process, but today, they have none.

When they start shopping for or acquire small business insurance, they soon discover that they don’t have much purchasing power — and that traditional carriers dictate the products they have access to, along with the price they pay. After a lengthy process involving phone calls and paper changing hands, the entrepreneur ends up with a policy that’s usually expensive — and anything but tailor-made.

“For the most part, these traditional carriers offer what’s called a ‘one-size-fits-all product,’” Mark Morissette , co-founder and CEO at Foxquilt , told PYMNTS.

Getting Fair Value Propositions

Traditional insurance products are built at a marketing segment level, rather than for each business, Morissette explained. That means customers that are more profitable for the insurance company end up subsidizing everyone else.

This has left an opportunity for new companies to offer an option in which the pricing, rating and underwriting logic are better suited to each customer’s individual needs — taking into account their specific industries and the specific work they do.

“Every single business is unique and different, and in any other value chain, they are getting basically fair value propositions based on the uniqueness or distinctness of their business,” Morissette said.

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