Ecommerce Earth Day Tips: 5 Ways to be Green While Growing Your Biz

Earth Day is a significant occasion on which we commemorate that special someone who makes our lives better every day. The planet Earth is the ground beneath our feet, the wind beneath our wings, and the oxygen in our lungs.

Below, we share the 5 best practices in ecommerce for brands to try this Earth Day; 1. Popular Products with Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Eco-friendly products aren’t just good for the environment; they’re also good for business. The “Save the Earth” ideology has grown into a full-fledged movement in recent years, with consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases. Eco-friendly alternatives to popular products will be one of the most popular trends in 2022. Traditional sustainable goods like metal straws, solar-powered gadgets, and energy-efficient light bulbs continue to sell well, while new items like reusable food wraps and feminine hygiene products are on the rise. If you don’t already offer these kinds of items, Earth Day is a great time to start. 2. Eco-friendly Products at a Discount

Already have a year-round eco-friendly product line? Earth Day is an excellent opportunity for a sales promotion! These products will see increased demand as people’s awareness of the environment grows. It’s a natural time to attract new customers looking for environmentally friendly products, and offering them at a discount makes a great first impression. 3. With Earth Day themes, use eco-friendly packaging

While retailers may not have to worry about pollution or deforestation, packaging is one of the most grievous environmental issues we face. This is well understood by serious environmentalists, which is why bringing your own tote bags to physical stores is becoming more popular. 4. Pledge to the Environment

True transformation begins on the inside. The first step in this two-step campaign is to create an environmentally friendly […]

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