Bloom Raises $1.1M to Bring Generative AI to eCommerce

Product photo performance engine Bloom has announced that it has raised $1.1 million at the close of its seed funding round. The AI-driven platform has garnered backing from various high-powered venture firms and angel investors, bringing Bloom one step closer to bringing generative AI to eCommerce.

Founded by Aarlo Stone Fish, a Yale alumnus with 20 years of experience as a software engineer and an AI expert, and Sam Dundas, a lifelong entrepreneur and product builder, Bloom uses generative AI to improve customers’ online shopping experiences and drive more sales. Bloom’s technology tracks a consumer’s on-site behaviors such as clicks, zooms, swipes, and bounces and then compiles that behavioral data to deliver pixel-by-pixel the most compelling and personalized images possible. The result is that consumers spend more time on the page and eventually purchase. eCommerce sites integrating Bloom have seen a boost in their conversion rates ranging between 5-14% without the merchant lifting a finger.

“We’re building the engine to power billions of shopper sessions with 100% personalized content,” said Dundas. “Bloom is positioned to become an essential layer to the e-commerce tech stack.”

Bloom’s seed funding round was backed by prominent investors who have supported a wide range of startups, including those in the AI sector. Investors in the seed round include Inovia Capital; AIX Ventures, featuring Investing Partners Richard Socher (founder of MetaMind), Pieter Abbeel (co-founder of Covariant), Chris Manning (director of Stanford AI Lab), and Anthony Goldbloom (founder of Kaggle); Forum Ventures, which also invested in Bloom during its pre-seed accelerators; OneValley Investments; and The Y Startup Index, co-founded by Sean Glass, a prolific angel investor and serial entrepreneur.

With eCommerce accounting for $4.93 trillion worldwide and expected to grow to $7.39 trillion by 2025 and mobile commerce purchases accounting for 72.9% of all online purchases, Bloom helps its partners […]

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