6 Best Practices to Improve Data Security for your Ecommerce Business

Data security is a big deal, and your e-commerce store needs to take it seriously. Here are six ways to help make your site secure.

Photo by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay If you talk to a bunch of e-commerce store owners today, you’ll discover that what’s on most people’s minds is how to set up the best-looking stores and how to turn profits. This is why we find so many retailers scrambling toward product retouching services . They know that such services are the fastest way to make product photos attractive to customers.

But away from all these, one important subject nobody seems to be talking about is the issue of data security in the e-commerce space. Data breaches, identity theft, and credit card scams – are some of the common security concerns associated with e-commerce.

Luckily, there are simple steps retailers can take to secure their stores and protect customer data.

For instance, you know not to reuse passwords between users. You know that database backups can protect you against malicious attacks on your server and that user credit card data should never be stored on site.

But what else can you do to protect your brand and your customers’ safety? Take Basic Steps

Not every hosting provider is created equal. New businesses may be lured to cut-rate hosting packages that are low on cost and security features. If you think paying an extra $10 a month for a better host is expensive, just wait until your site is breached and you’re facing a lawsuit.

Good hosting will provide you with a solid security framework and respond quickly to any kind of breach. They may even provide you with an SLL certificate, which encrypts user data as it’s being transmitted from the browser to the payment site. You can purchase these yourself if you […]

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