Ecommerce Product Releases: May 15, 2022

Here is a list of product releases and updates for mid-May from companies that offer services to online merchants. Updates include digital currencies, checkout tools, freight logistics, customer service, omnichannel solutions, and social commerce.

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Loop and Happy Returns by PayPal merge. Loop Returns, an exchange-first returns platform for Shopify brands, announced a new engagement with Happy Returns by PayPal. The integration will enable Loop merchants to offer box-free, label-free return drop-off at more than 5,000 locations across the U.S. By aggregating and shipping returns in reusable totes, merchants reduce costs and increase sustainability. Shopify brands use Loop’s platform to promote exchanges and retain revenue. Loop works with reverse logistics providers such as Happy Returns to give merchants various options for returns, including home pickup, the ability to donate items, and item consolidation. Loop Introducing Digital Collectibles on Instagram. Select creators and collectors can now share their digital collectibles on Instagram. Meta is beginning to test digital collectibles with a handful of U.S. creators and collectors who will be able to share non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Instagram that they have created or bought. Once connected, creators and collectors will have the ability to choose which NFTs from their wallets they would like to share on Instagram. When posted, a digital collectible will have a shimmer effect and can display public information, such as a description of the NFT. Posts will also be visible on users’ profiles. Automatically attribute the creator and collector in the digital collectible post (subject to their privacy settings).

Introducing Pinterest API for Shopping. Pinterest unveiled a new shopping feature known as the Pinterest API for Shopping. Now in beta, the feature enables merchants to manage inventory and provide shoppers on the app with more real-time, accurate […]

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