5 WordPress plugins for e-commerce

If you want to take your WordPress blog to the next level, try these e-commerce plugins to make your life easier and sales soar. Image: iStockphoto.com/enzozo It doesn’t take long to run into a WordPress-powered website these days. They are everywhere. Why? Because WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to deploy, use and manage. On top of that, the plugin market for WordPress is filled to capacity with outstanding additions to help turn your WordPress site into something special.

Case in point: e-commerce. You’ll find plenty of plugins to evolve your WordPress site into a home for you to sell products, services and subscriptions. These plugins are almost always easy to install and use. To make this proposition even better, many of these plugins are free, so without spending a dime, you can have your WordPress offering goods for sale in minutes.

But which plugins are the right ones? Let’s take a look at five of what I believe are the best solutions to take your WordPress site to the next level. WooCommerce

We start with WooCommerce because it is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, powering 3.89% of the top 1 million sites (with the next e-commerce plugin coming in at 2.74% of the top 1 million sites). WooCommerce supports physical, digital, affiliate and external products and even has a large community of developers supplying third-party themes and extensions.

With WooCommerce, you not only add the ability to sell products, but you also get a complete inventory management solution to help you keep track of products on hand (and even alert potential customers of low stock).

Setting up WooCommerce doesn’t require an admin-level skill set, and adding and managing products with WooCommerce is very user-friendly. Features of WooCommerce include physical and digital product management, analytics, marketing tools, coupons, taxes, payment […]

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