11 simple ecommerce email marketing tips with a big impact

A new decade has begun and eCommerce email marketing is here to stay so embrace it. Today, more than 70% of people believe that email will still be relevant in 10 years‘ time.

What adjustments will you, as an eCommerce marketer, need to make to continue living up to the growing expectations of your customers?

If you are looking for simple ways to give your eCommerce email marketing a new boost, you‘ve come to the right place. We‘ve listed 11 tips that are effective, but simple enough to implement today.

Follow these tips step-by-step, or simply pick the ones that seem most urgent to your business at the moment. 1. Audit and clean your subscriber list

Your email subscriber list is the foundation of your email marketing. It holds all the people who‘ve ever signed up to your newsletter. If you have been email marketing for a long time, your list will occasionally require some cleaning. For example, it‘s likely that some of the subscribers who signed up for your 2018 spring sale are no longer willing to receive your emails.

Here‘s the harsh truth: it‘s always better to have fewer subscribers who are highly engaged, rather than many who never open your emails.

And here‘s what you can do: create a segment of people who haven‘t opened any of your emails during the past six months. Send them a re-activation (or re-engagement) campaign with a strong subject line and an enticing offer. Or, ask directly if they want to remain on your subscriber list. If they still don‘t open, remove them from the list.

This approach will also help to eliminate invalid email addresses from your list. Remember, the more up-to-date your email list, the less likely your emails will be caught by spam filters . 2. Review your previous engagement data This […]

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