VTEX : Top reasons to migrate your ecommerce website

Companies don’t love to migrate their ecommerce website and, when faced with the need, most of them understandably try to wait until it’s absolutely necessary before absorbing what is sometimes seen as an unnecessary expense.

As we’ve talked about before , fighting against resistance to change might be the most feared part about pushing for a replatforming process. However, decision makers are also weary of determining exactly when it’s advisable to support this push. Some of this weariness might come from lack of information or lack of clarity about what exists in the market beyond their current provider.

In this piece we’ll explore some of the most evident reasons to pull the trigger on a migration, from the practical, to the technical, to the economical.

You have outgrown your website

Ecommerce operations are always set up with the intention of having important growth in the next few years, but not all providers are ready to back up that growth. If a product line is rapidly growing its categories or its number of SKUs and the ecommerce platform is not ready to adapt in a way that drives sales up even more, it might be time to look elsewhere.

“People tend to hold onto stuff that they already have, but when they look at what other retailers are getting from their platform and the real costs of migrating without many customizations, their position tends to change.”

Michael von Bodungen, Chief Customer Officer at VTEX

With more experience in the online retail industry, a website might find that its needs adapt with time. A better promotion engine or a more robust catalog module are both examples of features and functionalities that should be considered when grading your current website, since they have such an impact on the consumers’ journey.Cross-border capabilities should also be considered if the […]

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