Mr. Block Announces Debut of New Ecommerce Website

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Block, a leading crypto and blockchain technology resource center, has announced the rebranding of its eCommerce website—in conjunction with a “blockchain knowledge hub” app. The new website was specifically designed to maximize support for users seeking cryptocurrency education, blockchain-related news, and crypto merchandise. This launch is expected to make waves in the decentralized economy and blockchain community throughout the United States and around the globe.

“We’re a community-driven company, committed to being the premier educational onramp for users participating in crypto,” said Ernesto Daset, CEO of Mr. Block. “That is why we are so pumped up about the launch of our new website and all the good it will do for newbies and veterans within the blockchain community.”

The new eCommerce website is set to provide access to a large array of apparel and crypto art from some of Mr. Block’s favorite designers & artists, and much more. Visitors can pursue a wide range of crypto-related products, educational resources, invaluable information, and support throughout every level of the fast-evolving blockchain community. was forged as a one-stop-shop for early adopters, investors, collectors of NFT artwork, and crypto fans worldwide.

“Our end goal for the community is to operate as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Org), whereby the community owns and drives the direction of the Mr. Block ecosystem,” continued Mr. Daset. “As such, this website is a major step forward in our roadmap to create blockchain education governed by the community.”

The new website announcement comes on the heels of more significant news from Mr. Block, including the securing of a recent game-changing private investment. Mr. Block has since entered the “metaverse” acquiring land in popular virtual worlds with the expectation of building out blockchain education centers and P2E Games that gamify learning for people new […]

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